An important issue! As the name suggests, it is a Sk8erboyparty, a dress fetish party and no glamorous party * lol *.   
We are although not exclusively fixated on skaterstyle and baggys, which unfortunately are almost no more longer up to date. Cool jeans, sweatpants or a sport shorts is also possibility. Combined with a cool top and trendy sneakers and then entrance is open for you. Just check out the pics from the last parties and see what stuff the guys there have worn. If your dresscode won't fit, unfortunately there's no negotiation and no exceptions to get entrance.   
Please make shure that your dress and your sneakers are branded by one of the popular brands. Dress fetish = brand clothes!   
Dresscode required: Sportswear, Sneaker, Skater, Sagger, Emo, Proll, Trackies, Chav, Scally, Soccer, Lycra, PVC, Underwear, Skins, Biker, Rubber in combination with Sportswear, Sk8erboy-Fanstuff ;)   
no go: leather, naked, glitter & glamour, Shemale, boots, army, no-name Sneaks, Businesswear