Hotels close to the venue can be found at, or

Or quite simply go to and then the clean-copy here the search field "übernachtung loc: Pipinstr.2,50667 Köln"

Opposite to the partylocation a cheap hostel can be found. Maybe you share your room with other people or you organice yourself to fill a complete 2 to 8 bed room:

Let us propose you the cheap Ibis Hotel that is located at the other side of the Rhine. Reachable by a 2,7km footwalk, by tram (Station "Koelnmesse") or by taxi for a few Euros.

Single room from 45 Euro
Double room from 57 Euro

Ibis Budget Hotel
Bruegelmannstrasse 7
50679 Cologne


Travel by black taxis from hotel to partylocation: There are so called black cabs at cologne. You can travel by there more cheap than by yellow cab or tram. It's count by travel distance and not by travel time. There are also offered big cars up to 7 persons. Prices and more can be found at: